At Integra we are so much more than tax ….there are no ‘grey cardigans’ here!

We love to live up to our name putting integrity into everything we do and having an impact on people’s lives.

Getting to know you is very important to us, we ‘dig deep’ to find out what makes your business tick and how we can deliver the most relevant ongoing value to you.

We work with businesses that enjoy the support and like having an Integra compass to guide them.  Our business solutions are very effective and uncomplicated;  we pride ourselves on explaining things in ways you can understand.

We are based in Rockingham, Western Australia and with cloud accounting, conference calls and the ability to travel, we can help you wherever you are… in Australia, in work, in business, and in play.

We have a vibrant team all with different specialties so when you contact us, we will find the perfect fit for you.

Our team is dedicated to partnering with you, giving you peace of mind and making your success, our business.

If you would like to know more or need help building a compass for your business please call the office and ask for Karen who can help get you started.


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