Client Service – The WOW Factor!


I was speaking recently to a colleague who owns a business and we were discussing what makes the overall experience a “WOW” factor or an utter nightmare. This inspired me to share some of the key factors I use to create the “WOW” at Integra.

Having worked directly with clients for a few years now, I have discovered that client service is much more than providing a service with a smile on your face.

Everyone remembers and shares their terrible service experiences but when it comes to exceptional customer service, it seems to go unnoticed unless you provide the “WOW” factor.

So, how can we make the client’s experience enjoyable and memorable and how is the actual WOW factor created these days?

Balloons, cards and cakes are nice but it’s who you are, that makes a difference!

As a Client Success Manager at Integra, I am always considerate of my approach towards clients. As soon as a client has contact with Integra, I make sure all the details are taken care of, even sending them a map of how to find us and finding out whether they drink tea or coffee. This attention to detail, starts building a valued relationship, saves time, money and enhances organisation of the client’s affairs.

It’s not just about what you can sell a client, it’s facilitating and caring for the needs of the client, to help change their situation by adding measurable results.

Building a trusted relationship is the most important thing to implement, as Integra wants to develop a long, lasting, loyal client.

After an appointment, I want clients to leave feeling they have been heard, plans have been actioned and that Integra has offered support and investment in improving their bottom line.

A key strategy is always remembering Integra clients are human! It doesn’t have to be all business, speaking to clients on a personal basis; asking them how their day is going, how their children’s first week back at school is… communication and being an active listener is key! The WOW factor can be as simple as having an open line of communication and always being available. Client’s really enjoy being able to ring and speak directly to a person that has been dedicated to their account.

Integra surveys show the number one reason clients switch to Integra from other accounting firms, is based on the ability of Integra to deliver effective communication systems, stating that sufficient satisfaction with accounting services wasn’t enough to prevent them changing accountants.

I’ve found being able to speak authentically with confidence about our services, enlightens the value provided within, which clients always appreciate.

Being consistent in my approach pays off and being positively proactive, has lead to building the Integra reputation with referrals but the spin off, can be measured in me feeling naturally positive with a greater sense of well-being.

As the saying goes, “treat others how you wanted to be treated”, ramp it up, and think from the client’s perspective — be the client! These are my top keys to providing the WOW factor.

Chelsea Bilsborow
Client Success Manager