Cloud-File Sharing

cloud storage

Cloud-file sharing has become one of the most efficient processes, using computing-based technologies to share files between users.

It utilizes cloud storing and collaboration services to enable file sharing over the internet between global, multiple users.

How does it work?

It works when a file is stored online or through a cloud-file sharing services such as Google Docs. The file is uploaded using a service control panel shown to the user as a dashboard. Every successful upload of a file, generates a unique URL.

File owners can make this URL available to share between one or multi- users.

The file is stored on the server belonging to the cloud provider and can be accessed anywhere, anytime using the internet.

How much does it cost?

Well known providers, like Google, offer a free service up to 15GB.

This is a reasonable amount of data storage for an average user. Beyond that, a small fee applies for business and corporate use. At this level, it is a user pays system but the advantages outweigh the costs when delivery of services demand, speed, convenience and environmental considerations.

Who’s responsible for protecting data in the cloud?

Trends in cloud encryption reflect it is a shared responsibility between users and the cloud service provider. As more cloud service products develop, the responsibilities are determined by contracts, nothing more and nothing less, as quoted by cyber – lawyers recently.

Service providers know that security is a driving issue for users, so, popular service providers compete for keeping up to date and implementing “safe storage”.

As a user, the incentives are to choose popular providers who continually invest millions into best practice privacy and security and ensure personal internet security options are updated weekly or at best, daily.

It still remains the responsibility of the user to be aware and uphold their own safety measures in order to minimise hacking, like hovering over the email address of a sender before opening to check the sender is authentic.

Karen Lynn

References: Techopedia & Michael Kassner(Founder M. Kassner Net LLC)