Is My Business Tax Compliant?

Tax complianceRunning a business is hard work – not only do you need to ensure your customers and staff are happy and productive, you need to take care of the behind the scenes action as well. From marketing to money management, sales to administration, the responsibilities of business owners are many. Ensuring tax compliance is a major obligation for business owners to maximise profitability and to keep the Australian Tax Office happy with your business activities.

Integra Business Accountants can assist you with all areas of tax compliance, taking the guesswork out of legislation and working with you to ensure your business is ticking all the boxes when it comes to your tax obligations.

Keeping on top of your tax compliance obligations starts in your own office and includes:

  • Paperwork Maintenance
  • Know Your Obligations
  • Find a Professional

Paperwork Maintenance

Keeping timely, accurate and complete records will create accurate financial statements. Tax compliance is required by law so keeping on top of your paperwork will not only prevent a pile up of admin work to get through at the end of the month, it will assist you to avoid heavy penalties. Managing your invoices, expenses, payments and reports will assist you to track your business progress and make BAS or tax return season much easier. Make sure you also prepare and lodge all returns, forms and reports on time too.

Know Your Obligations

To meet your tax requirements, you need to understand what they are. Most of the information can be sourced from the Australian Tax Office and networking with fellow business owners in your industry can also be beneficial to solidify your obligations and industry-specific requirements.

Find a Professional

If tax compliance is a bit confusing and time consuming, or you with to spend more time in your business rather than behind the scenes, a reputable business accountant such as Integra Business Accountants can ensure you are meeting all requirements with a minimum of fuss and stress to you.

Can Integra Business Accounting Help Me with Tax Compliance?

Providing reassurance for your business tax compliance needs, Integra Business Accountants are your first choice in business accounting. Reliable, highly knowledgeable and experienced, our team of accountants work with a variety of clients in different industries, specialising in excellent customer interaction and service. Call 9527 3071 today, or call into our office at 2/1 Robinson Place, Rockingham to discuss how we can assist you keep your business tax compliant.