Questions For Your Accountant

Accountants Discussing SolutionsWhen it comes to accounting, most business owners would be forgiven for thinking that it’s all too hard. Finding, and keeping, the perfect accountant that understands your business and its individual needs is essential to ensure all your legal obligations are met as well as to maximise your profits and growth. But how do you make sure this amazing, perfectly-suited accountant is in fact the best person to work with you in your business? You ask them questions.

When working with your accountant, it’s important to ensure they have your businesses best interests in mind and possess information that can benefit both you and your company. By continually checking in and asking them questions about your business, you are not only keeping them informed of your current or future business plans, but you allow yourself to become educated as to how to your business works now and how it can work in the future.

Some questions include:

  • Am I in the best structure to save tax and will my business structure protect my assets?
  • How do I compare with other businesses like mine?
  • How much profit should I be making?
  • There is no money in my business account? Am I in trouble?
  • You say I’m making a profit but I cannot see it. Can you explain this to me?
  • How do I sell my business?
  • Debt collection is an issue for me. How do I resolve this?
  • I’m thinking of expanding – how do we go about that?
  • How do I finance any expansion? I’m having trouble paying my debts, can you help?
  • Should I be focusing more on a particular area? Sales? Customers? Budgets?
  • Can you help me with my budget?
  • Can you assist me with Profit and Loss reports and other statements?
  • I don’t understand my BAS/GST/Super obligations – can you help?
  • How can I improve my cashflow?

Your accountant needs to be your go-to for all questions regarding your business financials and either assisting you to understand them and how to complete them, or to fulfil these obligations and complete procedures for you.

How Can I Find A Business Accountant Who Can Assist Me?

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