Stress Free Tax with Integra Business Accountants

Tax timeTax time can be stressful, tedious and time consuming but with Integra Business Accountants, based in Rockingham and servicing the greater Peel region, your tax obligations needn’t be such a chore. The team at Integra Business Accountants offer affordable and reliable solutions to business owners and individuals who want their personal tax returns filed on time and error free. Our team will also advise you on what you need to pay income tax on, as well as what you can claim back from the Australian Tax Office.

In order to file your business and personal tax return correctly and with minimal margin for error, Integra Business Accountants will ask for the following documents:

  • Personal Tax Documents
  • Business Tax Documents
  • Full Disclosure and Communication

Personal Tax Documents

It is essential that you keep your personal tax documents up to date and separate from your business tax documents. You will need to have all these records for your accountant when you attend your appointment:

  • Payment summaries – From your employer, super fund or government payments
  • Bank statements
  • Private health insurance policy statement (if you have private health insurance)
  • Shares, unit trusts or managed funds statements – Information on dividends or distributions you’ve received
  • Buy and sell investment statements – For capital gains and losses.
  • Records from your rental property – Available from your property manager as an annual tax statement that details income and expenses.
  • Foreign income – Details of any foreign income

Business Tax Documents

Whether your business be a small, home based business or a large one with staff and leased premises, your accountant is not responsible for your bookkeeping (unless you employ them to do so), therefore you will need to provide:

  • Sales records
  • Business Bank Account Statements
  • Access to all electronic record keeping software
  • Deduction receipts and log books – including but not limited too stationary, office furniture, work related travel, work related uniform expenses etc
  • Rental agreements for office spaces and/or vehicles (or total square footage of home used for business purposes)
  • Wage records and Payment Summaries

Full Disclosure and Communication

In order for us to do our job to the best of our ability, accountants at Integra Business Accountants need to know all the information relevant to completing your tax return. By being open and honest regarding your financials ensures that everything is completed efficiently and correctly, reducing your likelihood of penalty or audit should something not add up with the Australian Tax Office.

Who Is the Best Choice For Stress Free Accountancy In Rockingham?

Making your success their business, Integra Business Accountants are your local, professional choice for stress free tax returns and business tax in Rockingham and surrounds. Offering a free 20-minute consultation with a senior accountant for all business owners, we can provide certainty that we understand your business requirements and the best way to meet your needs before tax time. Call into the office at 2/1 Robinson Place, Rockingham or call 9527 3071.