Syrill (Sy)

Hi, I’m Syrill (Sy)

Senior Accountant, Chartered Accountant

I am very passionate in helping people and working in this profession since 2011 has given me the opportunity to help clients improve their financial and tax affairs. Creating good relationships with clients makes the experience even better. My exposure to different industries, profession and people has helped me develop strategic skills and approach to different business matters. I specialise in multiple-entity structures and creating ways to achieve the best group financial position.
At Integra, we work as a team and we aim to not only crunch numbers but also to give meaning to them and share this knowledge with our clients.

“It is always a great feeling to help clients understand their current financial health to plan ahead for the future.”

About Me

I love playing basketball, biking, playing music and enjoying all those activities with my lovely wife and two bubbly kids. Family plays a big role in my life and in saying so, I see people’s financial health of great importance as it supports not only themselves but also their families.