Why Should I Choose Integra Business Accountants?

Hand shakeWhen looking for a tax accountant, many small business owners are simply expecting someone who will manage their tax and accounting affairs discreetly and with minimal cost, and hopefully a big return, to them.

How can you expect your accountant to work with you to make your business more effective and efficient if they don’t know anything about it? If your accountant is to have significant impact on the financial side of our business, they need to be more involved.

Integra Business Accountants offer customer service above and beyond to tailor plans suitable to your individual business needs. Some of the specialised services Integra offers include:

  • Professional and Thorough Business Advice
  • 3 Flexible Options For Bookkeeping
  • Workshops

Professional and Thorough Business Advice

The initial process begins with the most professional consultant for your needs. Integra offers the first 20 minutes of Business Advice complimentary, to ensure a good fit and to quickly establish an expectation from both parties. Should everyone be happy, an Alignment Meeting is arranged and two Integra accountants visit the owner at their place of business. We believe two accountants can provide impartial differences of opinion and the highest level of service.

Thorough analysis of systems, processes, financial statements and accounting systems are undertaken to ensure the best, most efficient and cost-effective strategies and methods are being utilized. We then create a plan with options for the business owner to proceed.

3 Flexible Options For Bookkeeping

  1. Do It Yourself – this option is for more independent bookkeepers that are happy to do their own books and allow Integra to review the figures every quarter before BAS lodgement. It also allows for the business owner to save time and money lodging their own BAS, but still with the assistance of Integra for any questions or problems that may be encountered during the process.
  2. Do It With You – this option includes set up and training on more efficient, updated systems to save time and money. It can also include extra assistance with record keeping such as payment summaries, budgets, cashflow statements and fund allocation.
  3. Do It For You – preparation of the end of year financial statements and tax returns can be a bookkeepers worst nightmare if they have not kept on top of it throughout the year. This option includes preparation of these documents, as well as compulsory tax planning reviews to pre-empt any over expenditure and minimise tax. Ironically, letting Integra do it for you gives you more control in your business as the finances are organised efficiently.


Integra understands that not everybody fully comprehends every aspect of tax and accounting, so we offer comprehensive seminars throughout the year covering different topics specifically for business.

Why Should I Choose Integra Business Accountants?

Integra Business Accountants are focused on being the best, both in customer service and in tax and accounting. Your success is our business and we thrive on going the extra step to build professional relationships with our clients to achieve their finance goals.

The team at Integra Business Accountants is your local accountant in Rockingham for not just business, but individual tax returns and accounting matters via the Tax To Go resource.

Call Integra Business Accountants on 9527 3071 today or call in at 2/1 Robinson Place, Rockingham today.